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First of all it is not black and white. No one is all left and no one is all right. We are a mix, each and every one of us – but we tend to be team players, herd animals. Consider a football team, the one considered to be yours, the one you root for when they win and when they lose. Imagine a key player, the guy that cuts through the line and slaps the ball out of the quarterback’s hand. That key player, during the off-season, is traded to a rival team. He once was cheered. He once was honored for his skill. Now he’s the cheating bit of slime the just hurt our quarterback!
My wife and I do a thing that is considered, by some, unthinkable. We cheer for individual plays. If the offence executes a play with skill and success we cheer. If the defense blocks progress and pushes the ball back to second and twenty we cheer. I realize it’s a messed up way to watch football but I suggest it is a better way to handle the politics of our country.

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Just Who Is This God Person Anyway?

A small group of people, say twenty to a hundred thousand, could believe in Jesus. Maybe they just heard a few words He spoke or maybe they followed Him for years, but they knew Him. A larger group heard first hand the things He did and said. This group believed in the people telling them the stories. And then, of course, the Bible, short books written and dispersed, gathered and bound by people we do not know but believed by many to contain truth, believed by some to be completely true. By definition everything after the first small group is idolatry. We can believe, as has been labeled by some, in the Living Word of God. We can believe in a personality that within ourselves we know. And, by faith, we trust and hope that this personality is real, and that this personality is God.

#1. Trust, hope, and believe that there is a knowable right and wrong.

#2. Decide that good is better than evil.

#3. Through Faith know that God is that good.

My religion:

The first salvation is: the potential to do good. This salvation is given to everyone without reason of cost. The second salvation is: good is eternal. Could there be a better gift or more incentive? -david-

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You Animal!

Animals cannot sin. They follow a program that allows them to exist. A dog can be trained to bite or not to bite with a cookie (or several cookies). People on the other hand can make choices. Much of our lives are predetermined by our past and our surroundings but unlike animals we know and can choose between right and wrong. Considerer forgiveness. In the animal world forgiveness is not at issue, there is only now and next. Most of the time among humans forgiveness is not a practical choice. But if all humans can make a choice between right and wrong – can you see how forgiveness might work? Given the other person also can think and forgive? This is not logical it is faith and it can get you hung on a cross, or they could just take your credit cards.

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Judgment is not to be given. Judgment is an acknowledgement.   In my opinion, mankind is aware of right and wrong. If right is done wrong will become obvious. For example: Drive a safe and acceptable speed on the freeway without blocking or impeding the speed choices of others. As they pass they are made aware of how far away from the legal limit the speed of their car is. At this point a choice is made to continue breaking the law or to give the law respect.