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First of all it is not black and white. No one is all left and no one is all right. We are a mix, each and every one of us – but we tend to be team players, herd animals. Consider a football team, the one considered to be yours, the one you root for when they win and when they lose. Imagine a key player, the guy that cuts through the line and slaps the ball out of the quarterback’s hand. That key player, during the off-season, is traded to a rival team. He once was cheered. He once was honored for his skill. Now he’s the cheating bit of slime the just hurt our quarterback!
My wife and I do a thing that is considered, by some, unthinkable. We cheer for individual plays. If the offence executes a play with skill and success we cheer. If the defense blocks progress and pushes the ball back to second and twenty we cheer. I realize it’s a messed up way to watch football but I suggest it is a better way to handle the politics of our country.

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“What if I get killed?” he looked them over with big brown eyes, the whites of his eyes startling in contrast with his black skin.

“We’ll have people there,” the man in charge answered. “You won’t be alone.”

“But I need to get myself hit?” He already knew he was going to participate, the money being offered had settled that, he just wanted to hear again how much help he was being offered.

“If you don’t get hit you don’t get paid,” he watched for a response. “We take care of all your medical bills”, he still didn’t see the response he wanted. “If necessary, and it won’t be, we take care of you and your family for the rest of your life,” money no longer needed to be considered, money flowed like a mighty river.

Relief filled the dark black face, “I’ll do it,” he said and the man with the offer saw the response he was looking for.

“We’ll get you into position, start out slow, just a hint or two, let the people around you know you’re not a fan. Don’t push anymore than you need to. When they look at the tapes you’re just some poor innocent bystander with freedom of speech. You know it will work.”

“I have absolutely no doubt it will work.  I just hope it doesn’t work too well.  I have no wish to die today.”

“As soon as the cameras catch a bit of blood you’ll be surrounded by our people, and our people look just like their people, they won’t fight us.”

It sounded like it would work. His family would be fed and housed. For this kind of money he’d almost strap on one of those bomb vests he’d seen on the TV shows; and it was for a good cause right? The man is crazy, right?