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And Then She Said:

“I was looking decent, but nothing fancy and certainly not sexy! I was going to the grocery store! I mean, I had shorts on, but not short shorts. I had on that little tee-shirt top, you know, the pale yellow with the little loop stitching on the edges? Nice, but not exactly an attention getter. Well I see a group of construction workers working on a building up ahead, so I just look straight ahead, no eye contact, nothing to lead them on. So when I get up close every single one of them goes presidential on me. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to tell them a thing or two but that would just encourage them so I kept my eyes straight ahead and kept walking. What’s this world coming too?”

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A Nice Guy

I’m a nice guy. No, really, I am. You may not think I’m a nice guy when you cut me off on the freeway with your big rig and I try to smear the side of your tractor with my white Corolla, but most of the time, I’m a nice guy.


Sometimes I’m acting nice and sometime I am really nice. Can you tell the difference? I think you can. It may take a closer look because they look a lot alike. There is a quantum leap between acting nice and being nice. No space between. No working your way from trying to being. It’s a decision.