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All Alone, part two – things start to get silly.

“What’s this Angie?” The very white girl in a very tiny white bikini asks as she nudges the large, purple, lump of goo with her sandaled foot.

“I’ve never seen anything like it Sally,” replies Angie’s friend, a beautiful, five-foot tall one hundred pound product of Mexico City. “Don’t touch it!” she warns her friend. “I think it moved!”

My dream comes to an abrupt end. My center orifice tightens and the sensing dangle strings around the circumference of my brain oval stand out straight.

“Guank soo intome. Com saybot?” I vibrate out of my speaking tube. The taller human stops pushing on my ovelbee with it’s foot and steps back a couple feet.

“It’s alive,” says Sally as she jumps back

“Its making weird noises,” says Angie as she takes a position of safety behind her braver friend. “Get a stick. Poke it with a stick.” Angie looks around Sally’s shoulder to seen what the living lump of goo will do next. She is prepared to run.

I cannot understand why they choose to ignore my question so I ask again, “Guank soo intome. Com saybot?” and then I remember to speak in English. “Do not hurt me. I am friendly.” The smaller of the two human girls falls flat on her back and seems to be asleep.

“Is someone in there?” the tall girl asks as she resumes pushing on my ovelbee with her foot.

“There is only me,” I say, wondering if this will explain anything. “Please quit pushing on my ovelbee, it is not proper.” She pulls her foot away and kneels down to get a better look at me.

“You are all purple and look like a lump of goo,” she says as thought this is something to be concerned about.

“You are very white and have almost no hair at all,” I respond with my center orifice almost all the way open, trying to make her aware of her rudeness. It doesn’t seem to work.

“Where are you from?” she asks. Her friend wakes up and pushes herself into a sitting position.

“Who are you talking too?” Angie asks Sally. She sees me and flattens onto the sand once more, sound asleep.

“I’m not from around here,” I answer, not wanting to take the time to get out the star charts. “I need some help getting away from this shore. The sand is much to hot for my points.” At this point two things happened: I extended my slenders, so she can see my points and Angie wakes-up. I rose to my full height of four feet two inches and Angie once more pushes herself up and rests on her elbows. When Angie sees my purple self held aloft by my four pointed spindles she lets out a quiet yelp and makes the choice to go back to sleep. “Your friend should get more rest,” I suggest. Sally looks at her friend laying flat on the soft sand and nods in the affirmative.

“We can walk in the shade of the pier up to the road. I can get something to cover your Points? out of the back of mycar.” She looks over at her friend who seemed to be coming to for the third time. Sally bends down beside her friend, ready to suggest she find a better place to sleep. As Angie starts to wake up Sally keeps herself between the two of us.

“Angie, Angie,” Sally pushes on her shoulder, trying to wake her, “Angie.” Angie opens her eyes and tries to get another look at me. “No, Angie, look at me! It’s some kind monster but he’s all right – he’s friendly.” I’m not a monster, but it seems to help Angie stay awake, so I say nothing. Sally helps Angie to her feet and we start making our way in the shade of the pier. The sand is not hot but it still seems to be rubbing away some of my fur. It doesn’t really hurt. Angie seems to be pretending I do not exist so I help her out by keeping my silence. As the sand becomes drier my points sunk deeper and I walk slower until a last we make it to the dark, low, last ten feet of the pier.

“Let me see one of your points,” Sally reaches over, grabbs one of my slenders, and takes a long look and my front right point. “Stay here, I’ll be right back,” and without waiting for a reply she runs off with Angie. I pull in my slenders and plop down on the sand. After what seems to be an hour Sally returns. She has covered her self with light blue cloth and looks much better. Blue is very close to purple.

“Here,” Sally says. She hands me a plastic bag filled with long woven cotton tubes, tube socks, three dozen is written on the plastic bag. “I couldn’t find anything in the car so we went to Target,” she said. I look around for the we. “Angie went home, she needed some time to think,” Sally says answering my unspoken question. I turned my attention to the socks. I pulled one out and looked it over. “Pull them on over your points and pull them up your…”

“Slenders,” I said answering her unspoken question.

“Put several on each slender until you think it is enough to protect your points,” she says with obvious pride in her new vocabulary. I pull five tube socks onto each of my four slenders, even in the sand I can tell they are going to provide a comfortable alternative.

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All Alone

My points stick in the hot, wet, salty sand. My movement is slowed. I would leave if it weren’t for the waves. Waves of cold, salted water wash over my points and half way up my slenders every thirty seconds. As the water recedes my points sink deeper into the sand. I have to pull each of my four points out one at a time before I can continue my walk along Earth’s largest ocean’s East coast. If I move away from the water the sand becomes unbearable, not just the heat, but it feels like it is rubbing the purple fur from my slenders. I want to stop walking but I have nowhere to go and if I stop I’ll have to admit my defeat and that makes my center orifice drip the green slobber. A wooden structure presents itself. Fifty foot wide, half a mile long, and twenty feet above my head – the pier runs from the edge of the beach and into the Ocean, there is shade underneath. The shade is cool. The sand is cold. I find a place just above the waters reach, clear it of seaweed with my laser, pull up my slenders and lean against a skinned tree trunk. I fall into sleep almost instantly. I dream of the home world, so far away, so unachievable.pier

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