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Reading from a print out, “What you said was: I intend, to the best of my abilities, to cut him into small bits of meat, to grind him into a pink mush and to plant him around my roses. Still reading from the long strip of paper, “you went on to say: If the roses die I will feel a tinge of remorse.”
“Thank-you, Mary,” the lawyer nodded to the stenographer and then stood in front of Patricia, still sitting quietly in her assigned seat next to the Judge. He looked her in the eyes, face-to-face and asked, “ do you deny making this statement?”
Patricia looked down at her hands, twisting nervously in her lap. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she refused to meet the eyes of the prosecutor.
The Judge turned toward her and said in a deep, soft, forceful voice, “Answer the question.”
She looked up from her hands and turned in her chair to face the Judge, “I was being sarcastic,” she said.


Author: assumptionisfaith

david blankenship is the author of three books "Randolph W. Owens, missing on Bright Island" (a science fiction novel), "Herb" (a children's book), "Jack's second Life" (contemporary fiction) and several short stories. The books are for sale on Amazon's Kindle and published in paperback by Create Space.

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