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Trapped (part 3)

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Almost a full hour passed before the all clear could be given. The men in black informed the security men, still sitting in their cars, that they could take over the scene. The policemen took their places in their still running, still warm cruisers and started the paper work, the new guy was sent to the local Star Bucks to get the necessary coffee. It could not be confirmed until the homeowner could be interviewed but it appeared no one had entered the home, nothing had been disturbed or removed. The final conclusion would be, almost without a chance of error, that the door had not been set properly and had simply opened just enough to set off the alarms.

The most senior of the security men, a five foot seven, slightly overweight man with light wavy brown hair turning a bit gray above the ears pushed his rimless glasses up on his nose and carefully punched in the code to the safe room. He went over his greeting in his head. It is most important not to embarrass a client after a false alarm he reminded himself, especially a client like this one.

The DVD had finished; Margie had climbed onto Marge’s lap and fallen asleep. There was little worry that things were being taken care of outside the safe room. Marge’s laptop had received a notification that the police and security people had arrived at the house. There was nothing for her to do but wait and not share any fear or concern with Margie. They had both enjoyed the last hour in their “hide out”.   It was almost as much fun as building a blanket house in Margie’s bedroom and reading by flashlight. In the back of her mind Marge wondered if things had been damaged and if the people breaking into her perfect home had been caught, but these thoughts took up little space. Margie was the most important thing in her life and Margie was safe here in her arms. She looked at the small, five-year-old girl in her lap. Margie smiled as she dreamed, showing no fear, accepting the fact that her mother could protect her in any situation. The red light above the safe house door turned to green. Marge held Margie with one arm, checked her hair in the mirror above the sink, stood up and pushed the lever on the door. The door opened out, a security guard waited a few feet back.

“And?” Margie said to the obviously concerned man.

“It appears to have been a fault in the system, Ma’am,” the guard started. “We are checking. The front door was found open, however nothing seems to have been disturbed. We would, of course, like for you to check for anything missing or out of place.”

“Are you telling me I failed to latch the door properly?” Margie asked with enough of a smile to let him know he wasn’t in trouble.

“That is a possibility ma’am,” the guard had more to say but Margie interrupted him.

“Could you call me Marge, or at least Mrs. Adams?” At the sound of her mother’s voice Margie woke up and blinked at the man her mother was speaking to.

“There seems to have been a fault in the system, Mrs. Adams the complete system went down for several minutes and when it reset the door alarm was tripped. I’m sorry for the trouble this has put you through.”

“Oh, it was no trouble, we actually enjoyed ourselves,” Marge gave Margie a hug and put her down. Margie ran up the stairs to her bedroom singing a song from the DVD they had watched. And then Marge added, in a more business like tone, “you and your men will find the fault and repair it?”

The security man immediately nodded a yes and said, “we will not leave until we are entirely convinced you and your family are protected, Mrs. Adams.”

“Has Mr. Adams been informed?” Margie asked. It was the first time she had considered her husband’s side in this.

“He has been in communication with us from the first and is up-to-date. I believe he is quite concerned.”

“But still in his office?” Margie added and instantly felt guilty at bringing the security guard into her personal problems. “I’m sorry,” she said to the security guard, “I guess that was a little more stressful than I thought.” She left the man to do his job and walked toward the stairs to finish what was left of the evening with her daughter.

“You will double check, that things have not been disturbed?” the security man said to her back as she walked away.

She turned in a slow circle giving the room a quick look and giving the guard a glance she said, “everything is fine.” Margie started to climb the curve of carpeted stairs her left hand tripping from highly polished turned oak baluster to highly polished turned oak baluster.


Author: assumptionisfaith

david blankenship is the author of three books "Randolph W. Owens, missing on Bright Island" (a science fiction novel), "Herb" (a children's book), "Jack's second Life" (contemporary fiction) and several short stories. The books are for sale on Amazon's Kindle and published in paperback by Create Space.

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