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Flight 408 (part 4)

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After just a few minutes an uncomfortable moisture forms under my left arm, “Program two, Pause!” and then I re-consider, “Program two, Close!” enough is enough. I only hope I have endured the punishment long enough to keep my personal trainer at bay for a few days.

As an answer my personal trainer appears on the screen, “Your exercise program has been interrupted; would you like to continue, save for later today, or be reminded tomorrow?

“Remind me tomorrow,” it’s the best of the three horrible choices. I look at the screen and suggest, “Show me something peaceful, maybe some mountains, and a nice fresh breeze.” Trees take over the north wall and I feel cool air drifting across the room with the scent of pine, “not so much pine, please,” the please is unnecessary but I feel good about adding it. “And stop the breeze, it’s kind of cold.” It’s been a hard day, I curl up into a little ball, the sofa cuddles in around me and I fall into a peaceful, well-earned, sleep.


Author: assumptionisfaith

david blankenship is the author of three books "Randolph W. Owens, missing on Bright Island" (a science fiction novel), "Herb" (a children's book), "Jack's second Life" (contemporary fiction) and several short stories. The books are for sale on Amazon's Kindle and published in paperback by Create Space.

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