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Kiss Me?

“There are only the two of us now,” a tall gangly tow headed teen age boy whispered to the thin, five foot two inch girl pushed as close to him as physics would allow.

“All the others are gone?” her disbelief was clear but heard only by the boy as she spoke inches from his ear.

“We are the only ones that made it this far,” he repeated, not sure he believed it was possible.

“What can we do?” she felt the task overwhelm her.

“We do what we were sent to do,” he answered with the confident voice of a trained military troop but without feeling any confidence at all.

“They sent hundreds. We are only two.” She sounded very much like a small, scared, girl. He remained silent, unwilling to acknowledge the hopeless truth.

“Mark,” she vocalized his name, no longer whispering. He turned and looked toward her. In the complete darkness he still could not see her even though his nose brushed her cheek.

“How do you know my name?” she had been just a face in the crowd to him. Now just a soft, frightened voice and warmth of her body.

“I’ve been watching you since the first day of training. I was working up the courage, but then…” her voice trailed off, she preferred not to relive this morning.             “My name is Jill,” she added even though he hadn’t asked.

“Hi, Jill,” the greeting sounded odd whispered in the darkness. It sounded very plain and day-to-day, not a greeting for this night.

“Mark?” this time she asked a question.

“Jill?” he questioned her.

“Before we go,” she paused. He waited.   “Will you kiss me?” she asked in a small quiet voice he could barely make out even though the sound came from less than an inch away. Without hardly any movement at all, just a slight tilt of his head he found her mouth with his lips and gave her a kiss. A kiss like his mother had given him on the forehead every morning when he left for grammar school. A kiss like he had given his sister on her cheek when he was leaving for college. But she would not allow it. She added passion, and urgency, and desire.

“Now?” he said still breathless but knowing their duty.

“On three,” she answered.