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glass“Is the glass half full or half empty?” Why do we always pick the most ridiculous question? Ask, “what’s in the glass or, how much does the glass hold, or Are you going to drink that? If you must know: The bottom half is full and the top half is empty. (Sometimes the color is gray.)

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One Moment

Moment to moment your sins are as far as the east is from the west.
Walk west, repent, walk east, repent, walk west, …moment to moment. There is no progression from good to bad. You cannot be less bad and less bad and then good at least not from moment to moment. You can be good; you can be bad, not both. And the great faith is that only good is eternal. All good survives. All bad is destroyed. –david-

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You Animal!

Animals cannot sin. They follow a program that allows them to exist. A dog can be trained to bite or not to bite with a cookie (or several cookies). People on the other hand can make choices. Much of our lives are predetermined by our past and our surroundings but unlike animals we know and can choose between right and wrong. Considerer forgiveness. In the animal world forgiveness is not at issue, there is only now and next. Most of the time among humans forgiveness is not a practical choice. But if all humans can make a choice between right and wrong – can you see how forgiveness might work? Given the other person also can think and forgive? This is not logical it is faith and it can get you hung on a cross, or they could just take your credit cards.