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All Alone

My points stick in the hot, wet, salty sand. My movement is slowed. I would leave if it weren’t for the waves. Waves of cold, salted water wash over my points and half way up my slenders every thirty seconds. As the water recedes my points sink deeper into the sand. I have to pull each of my four points out one at a time before I can continue my walk along Earth’s largest ocean’s East coast. If I move away from the water the sand becomes unbearable, not just the heat, but it feels like it is rubbing the purple fur from my slenders. I want to stop walking but I have nowhere to go and if I stop I’ll have to admit my defeat and that makes my center orifice drip the green slobber. A wooden structure presents itself. Fifty foot wide, half a mile long, and twenty feet above my head – the pier runs from the edge of the beach and into the Ocean, there is shade underneath. The shade is cool. The sand is cold. I find a place just above the waters reach, clear it of seaweed with my laser, pull up my slenders and lean against a skinned tree trunk. I fall into sleep almost instantly. I dream of the home world, so far away, so unachievable.pier

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Judgment is not to be given. Judgment is an acknowledgement.   In my opinion, mankind is aware of right and wrong. If right is done wrong will become obvious. For example: Drive a safe and acceptable speed on the freeway without blocking or impeding the speed choices of others. As they pass they are made aware of how far away from the legal limit the speed of their car is. At this point a choice is made to continue breaking the law or to give the law respect.